Install the LayGO PXS Toolkit

The LayGO PXS Toolkit (PTK) contains a set of programs, libraries and auxiliary files to help in the installation and operation of the PXS.

The toolkit is available for download from our website at Unzip, execute and follow the instructions on the screen.

By defaul the toolkit is installed in C:\laygoptk-3.10. The tools are in the bin\win32 subdirectory. Most of the programs are available in 2 versions: a GUI version and a command-line version. Program names starting with "wx" are GUI versions. Here is a list of the tools included:

Excercises the communication channel from host computer to PXS and from PXS to synchronous device. Useful to test the PXS installation and basic debug of a synchronous connection, as explained in testing.
wxrlogsrv and laygolog
These are PXS log servers. See Remote Logging.
A simple GUI program for PXS health monitoring.
wxedcfg and edcfg
These programs help to create LayGO configuration files and configuration images that can be downloaded to the PXS. See LayGO Configuration.
wxedcall and edcall
These programs help in the creation of X.25 call set up records. See Using edcall.
wxpxsauth and pxsauth
These programs help to set up PXS software licenses. See PXS Software Licensing.
wxpxscontrol and pxscontrol
These programs allow remote control of a PXS. See PXS Remote Control.
wxrfssrv and laygorfs
These programs are Remote File Servers used with the PXS Telecom applications. See Remote File Servers.
wxpxsmap and laygomap
These programs are Map Servers used with the PXS xnet application. See X.25 Address Mapping.
wxdlmserver, wxpxsdlmtap and wxdlmmonitor
These programs use the PXS built-in synchronous port software tap for Live Data Capture.

A 3rd party tftp server (TFTPD32 by Philippe Jounin) is also installed. It is very useful to update software or LayGO configurations in the PXS.

If you modified the PXS default IP address, you will have to set the IP address of your PXS in the stackpxs.cfg file used in the testing section.

Use the Edit PXS Address List... option of wxedcfg to include the IP address in the System Stack profile. It must be set to the same IP address you set up in Configuring IP address. For example, if the IP address you assigned to the PXS was, you will enter it as the only entry in the PXS address list.

The LayGO API can manage up to 8 PXSs simultaneously.