PXS Monitoring - wxpxsmonitor

wxpxsmonitor is a program that periodically checks the status of one or more PXSs and presents the information graphically for quick interpretation and control.

Sample wxpxsmonitor display
Sample wxpxsmonitor Display

The following table shows the possible icons and their corresponding meaning.

Running eCos icon The PXS is running an eCos application and responding to control commands.
Not responding icon No PXS responds at the given IP address. It may not be powered on or connected to the network.
Invalid name or IP address icon Invalid name or IP address. The host name does not match that of the PXS at the given IP address.
Responds to ping icon The device at the IP address responds to pings, but not to RedBoot or PXS Control commands. Either input has been received on the console or the device is not a PXS.
Running Redboot icon The PXS is running RedBoot and no input has been received on the console port. The PXS should be accessible via telnet.
Status unknown icon Status unknown. No contact has been established with the PXS.


wxpxsmonitor [PXS list file]

Where PXS list file is an optional name of a PXS list file to load. This file is a plain text file in which each line has the format:

      <host name> = <IP address>

For instance:

   pxs-139822332 =
   pxs-139828721 =
   pxs-139829997 =

The IP address can be a symbolic name if it can be resolved to an IP address using DNS.

Menu Options

New PXS...

A "New PXS" dialog is displayed:

New PXS Dialog
New PXS Dialog

Type the host name and the corresponding IP address of the box you want to monitor.

Load PXS List...
Displays a "Load PXS List" dialog to choose a PXS list file which should have the format explained under "Syntax" above. The PXSs in the list will be monitored.
Save PXS List...
Displays a "Save PXS List" dialog to save the list of the currently monitored PXSs.
Update All
Immediately queries the status of all the PXSs being monitored.
Update Interval
Sets the status refresh interval.
Brief help and about dialogs.


Each of the PXS icons is actually a button. If the corresponding PXS is running an eCos application, clicking on the image will invoke the wxpxscontrol program with the parameters needed to control that PXS.

Right-clicking on an icon presents a pop-up menu with the following options:

Open WxPxsControl...
Invokes the wxpxscontrol program.
Update Status
Immediately updates the status of the PXS.
Change IP Address...
Displays a "Change IP Address" dialog to edit the IP address associated with the PXS.
Delete PXS
Deletes the PXS from the monitoring window.