Our products are building blocks for developing communications solutions which integrate legacy systems into modern networks (e.g. X.25 to TCP/IP).

Advanced Relay’s product line is divided into two main branches:

  • Solutions based on the Protocol eXchange Server (PXSe) which packages the LayGO® Multiprotocol Toolkit and specialized firmware (e.g. synchronous tunnel) with synchronous hardware into a standalone solution.

As a developer, you can build your own solution using our LayGO® Toolkit, together with a PC or any computer (e.g. Rasberry Pi).

As an integrator, you can use field proven solutions based on the PXSe.

We are the synchronous communication experts. Do you need to link a legacy device (that uses an old protocol) to a modern network? Contact us!

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[Last updated February 21st, 2024]