The PXSu is configured in the same way as other synchonous adapters as described in the LayGO Configuration Manual. However, special considerations apply to specifying the Hardware ids in the System Stack configuration profile.

The LayGO Stack does not use the PXSu's LayGO Board Identifier (F) to identify the PXSu. Instead, each PXSu is identified by the operating system by a unique hardware serial number. The serial numbers are also used by the LayGO Stack to determine which PXSu adapters to assign to which line numbers:

The hardware serial number is located on the back of each PXSu.

For example, the following image shows how to configure the stack to use 2 PXSu adapters with hardware serial numbers:

Configuring the System Stack to use 2 PXSu Adapters
Configuring the System Stack to use 2 PXSu Adapters.

With this configuration, the following adapter-to-line assignment will be made:

If the order of the serial numbers were reversed, the line assignments would also be reversed.

The stack will not attempt to open the adapters until the associated line is opened, so the stack will not fail to initialize if either adapter is not present in the system. However, a call to lgo_Open() on the line associated with an adapter not present in the system will fail with the error code lgo_ERROR_SERVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE.