Configuring synctunnel

The Synchronous Tunnel Server application is synctunnel. It should be loaded in the PXS flash memory and defined as default application. See "Updating Software" in the LayGO PXS Installation Guide manual if you need to download synctunnel to the PXS and use the RedBoot default command, if necessary.

The configuration of the Synchronous Tunnel Server relies on LayGO .cfg files stored in Flash memory, which can be specified for each line in the application options parameter of the PXS, using the RedBoot options command. LayGO .cfg file contains all the configuration options related to X.21 bis. See LayGO Configuration for details.

Command Line Options

The synttunnel server supports the following command line options:


  Do not autostart the server. The server will be started manually using
  the PXS control application.
  Default: Autostart the server


  Enable HDLC LAPB mode.
  Default: Disabled

[-f <cfg file>]

  LayGO cfg file.
  Default: synctunnel-dte.cfg


  Enable data inversion preprocessing.
  Default: Disabled


  Enable Monosync frame preprocessing.
  Default: Disabled

[-s <server IP address>]

  Act as a client instead of a server. Connect to the server at <server IP address>
  Default: Act as server

  Note: this option is intended to use two PXSs to build a complete synchronous
        tunnel over TCP/IP.

[-t <timeout>]

  TCP keep alive timeout in secondds.
  Default: 0 (disabled)


  Enable line 1 as well as line 0.  Options following apply to line 1.
  Default: Disabled