Configuring iptunnel

The PXS IP Tunnel application is iptunnel. It should be loaded in the PXS flash memory and defined as default application. See "Updating Software" in the LayGO PXS - Protocol eXchange Server manual if you need to download iptunnel to the PXS and use the RedBoot default command, if necessary.

The PXS IP Tunnel is configured using a combination of a LayGO .cfg file stored in flash memory and optional command line parameters set using the RedBoot options command. The LayGO .cfg file contains all the configuration options related to the X.21 bis, HDLC LAPB and X.25 protocols. See LayGO Configuration for details.

Command Line Options

iptunnel supports the following command line options. These may be set using the RedBoot options command.


  Do not autostart the tunnel. The tunnel will be started maually using
  the PXS control application.
  Default: Autostart the tunnel

[-f <cfg file>]

  LayGO cfg file.
  Default: iptunnel.cfg

[-l <line number>]

  Number of the synchronous line (0 or 1) to tunnel.
  Default: 0

[-s <server address>]

  Run iptunnel as a client connecting to a server
  at <server address>
  Default: Run iptunnel as a server