Updating Software Using XMODEM/YMODEM

A console connection to the PXS is needed to update software using XMODEM or YMODEM.

To load the software onto the PXS, at the RedBoot prompt, enter:

RedBoot> load -r -m [xmodem|ymodem]

In the HyperTerminal session that is running the console connection with the PXS, select Transfer → Send File... to bring up the Send File dialog:

Send File Dialog
Send File Dialog

Browse to the directory that contains the software you want to download and select either Xmodem or Ymodem as the protocol. Click the Send button. The download should begin. During the download, a window will be displayed that looks similar to this:

XMODEM File Send Dialog
XMODEM File Send Dialog

After a successful load, the terminal emulator screen will look similar to the following:

RedBoot> load -r -m xmodem
CCRaw load done: 386304 bytes read
Address range: 00000000-0005e500, Entry point: 00000000,
xModem - CRC mode, 3019(SOH)/0(STX)/0(CAN) packets,6 retries

In order to see output on the asynchronous port during the update, execute the async enable command. Then, to complete the update, run the update program by executing the go command. the terminal emulator screen will look similar to the following:

RedBoot> async enable
RedBoot> go
eCos: Starting pxsupdate version 1.01.
Starting flash update of 'hdlcsrv'...
'hdlcsrv' exists in the file system.
Deleting hdlcsrv...
'hdlcsrv' deleted.
Creating 'hdlcsrv'...
'hdlcsrv' created at 0x05030000 (438208 bytes).
Flash update of 'hdlcsrv' completed.

Advanced Relay Corporation
LayGO PXS - Protocol eXchange Server
LayGO PXS Boot Version 3.18

RedBoot(tm) Debug Environment - Built 16:19:54, Apr  1 2004
Portions Copyright (c) 2000, Red Hat, Inc.
Portions Copyright (c) 2001, Comtrol Corp.
Portions Copyright (c) 2003, Advanced Relay Corp.

RedBoot> async disable

After the update is complete, execute the async disable command.