(Please check also the "Hardware Troubleshooting" section of the LayGO Installation Guide for some additional hints.)

Problems Possible solutions
LEDs do not turn on. There is no activity.
  • Make sure the AC adaptor is connected to the wall and to the +5VDC connector in the PXS.
  • The AC power adaptor is defective. Try a different one.
  • The PXS is defective.
Console - Serial Connection
There is no "RedBoot" prompt.
  • If the LEDs on the top of the PXS are off, check the previous item.
  • Check the connection between the asynchronous port on the PXS and the COM port on the PC. Make sure you are using the supplied null modem cable.
  • Make sure the Terminal emulation program is in Connected status.
  • Make sure the Terminal emulation port settings are correct.
  • Verify you are connecting to the correct COM port.
  • Make sure the PC has the COM port you are using enabled.
The terminal emulator does not show any RedBoot prompt but just some weird characters. Make sure the terminal port settings are correct.
There is no "LayGO" group in my Start menu. Install LayGO from the distribution media.
After clicking on Connect in WinTdrv the program freezes for a long time and after awhile the error message Error! Failure opening line 0. Service not available is displayed.
  • Make sure you have modified the stackpxs.cfg file so that it contains the same IP address you set in the PXS.
  • Make sure the PXS is running the hdlcsrv application program. This is the default behavior, but you may have accidentally modified it.
In the back-to-back test, DTR and RTS turn off after a while This is the expected behavior when the connect timeout expires (default is 60 seconds). You have to start the second instance of WinTdrv and Connect in less than one minute.
In the back-to-back test, the State is not changing to Data Transfer State - XON
  • Make sure you have the 2 synchronous ports connected back-to-back.
  • Make sure you have interconnected synchronous port 0 and synchronous port 1 using the right type of cables and null modem connector.
  • Make sure one instance of WinTdrv was started as Clock Source and the other as Clock Sink.
In the back-to-back test, when I try to Connect in the second instance of the program, the error message Error! Failure opening line 0. Service not available is displayed. Make sure you selected line 0 in the first instance and line 1 in the second.