A Program Using LayGO

The complete LayGO API is available to PDK programs. To demonstrate this, the standard LayGO test program dlaygo has been ported to the PDK as pdkdlaygo. The source code for pdkdlaygo is avilable in the PDK as etc/pdkdlaygo/pdkdlaygo.c. In addition to reorganizing the program as PDK program, only 2 kinds of changes were required:

Program Notes

pdkdlaygo uses the lgo_ConfigureStack() function to load stack configuration data from a regular .cfg file. It also relies on the device names present in the service database. An image of the LayGO cfg directory containing these "files" is present in a special area of flash memory called laygocfg. For details of how to configure LayGO on the PXS, see the LayGO Configuration section of the LayGO PXS User's Guide.