The LayGO for Java distribution is contained in laygojni.jar. To install it, create a subdirectory named etc/java in the LayGO distribution directory and copy laygojni.jar into it. At the command prompt, change to that directory and enter:

> jar -xf laygojni.jar

The java subdirectory should then contain:

To make the JNI shared object available, you can add <laygo directory>/etc/java/lib/<platform directory> to your PATH (Win32) or to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH (Unix) or copy the shared object to a directory already in the path.

You can use laygopkg.jar without unpacking it by adding <laygo directory>/etc/java/laygopkg.jar to your CLASSPATH.

You can also unpack laygopkg.jar with the command:

> jar -xf laygopkg.jar

This will unpack the files into the advancedrelay subdirectory tree. Then add <laygo directory>./etc/java to your CLASSPATH.

The advancedrelay subdirectory is the root of the source code tree for the LayGO for Java Java Packages.

The doc subdirectory contains the Java Class Documentation. java/doc/index.htmlis the root of the documentation tree.