Java Packages

LayGO for Java contains 4 Java packages:

Java Package Classes and Interfaces
advancedrelay.laygo class Laygo
class Result
class ProtocolDevice
class ProtocolService
class ProtocolStack
class ProtocolStackServer

class StatisticsTable
class StatusReport
class StatusSummary

class FrameRelay
class Lapb
class Lapd
class X21bis
class X25

interface ProtocolEventObject
  • class DataEvent
  • class ProtocolEvent
  • class ProtocolEventException
  • class ProtocolStackException
advancedrelay.util class DialogWindowListener
class Hex
class Tdat
class Vtx

class AboutDialog
class ErrorDialog
class ImageCanvas
class LedCanvas
class TextDialog
class YesNoDialog

class JAboutDialog
class JErrorDialog
class JLedCanvas
class JTextDialog
class JYesNoDialog
advancedrelay.jtdrv class Jtdrv
advancedrelay.stdrv class Stdrv

The advancedrelay.laygo and advancedrelay.util packages can be imported for use in Java programs using the import statements:

import advancedrelay.laygo.*;
import advancedrelay.util.*;

The advancedrelay.jtdrv and advancedrelay.stdrv packages contain only the test programs class Jtdrv and class Stdrv. They do not contain reusable classes and need not be imported.