laygodlmd is a Unix daemon program for Linux and Solaris.


laygodlmd <password file>
where <password file> is a required parameter containing the name of the password file for the server. A password file is a file which contains an encrypted password. A password can be embedded into a password file using the utility dlmpassword.

See DLM Security for more information about passwords and password files.

Optional command line parameters are as follows:

    [-e <error file>]
    [-l <log file>]
    [-u <user name>]
    [-w <working directory>]

The defaults for the optional command line parameters are as follows:

    error file        = laygodlmd.log
    log file          = laygodlmd.log
    user name         = NULL
    working directory = <current directory>

To terminate laygodlmd, use the ps command to find the process id, then enter:

kill -HUP <process id>