DLM Security

The security password is used to insure that only authorized monitor sessions can connect to a server. The password must be at least 8 characters long and no more than 128 characters long. The password for a server is good for all monitor sessions that wish to connect to that server.

The password is also used to encrypt and decrypt the data flow between the server and the monitor. The contents of the data traffic between the server and the monitor is encrypted and obscured to anyone observing the traffic. The encryption / decryption of the session data is transparent to the monitor application.

In order to avoid entering passwords as plain text, password files are used to set the passwords for LayGO DLM Server control programs. A password file contains an encrypted version of the password. A password can be encrypted and embedded in a password file using the utility dlmpassword.

The two API functions that require a password as a parameter are dlm_MonOpen() and dlm_ServerInitialize().