laygodlm is a service program for Windows NT/2000/XP.


When laygodlm executes, the user will be prompted with a dialog box to enter a password file name. A password file is a file which contains an encrypted password. A password can be embedded into a password file using the utility dlmpassword.

See DLM Security for more information about passwords and password files.

Optional command line parameters are as follows:

    [-c] (configure service)
    [-i] (install service)
    [-u] (uninstall service)

To install the program as a service, copy the executable and a password file to a directory on the system drive. Copy laygo32z.dll to the Windows system32 directory on the system drive. At the command line enter:

laygodlm -i

A dialog box will appear. Use the browse button to find the password file you need to set the password for the service. Choose the start mode and press the OK button. A prompt will be displayed to inform you whether the service was installed successfully.

To start or stop laygodlm, you may use the Services Control Panel applet in Windows NT or the Computer Management console in Windows 2000/XP or on the command line by entering:

net start laygodlm

The service can be configured with a new password file and start mode using the -c command line option.