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LayGO® for Alcatel WinBSC Users

Alcatel BSC Customers

Please note: As of 2010 Advanced Relay Corp. discontinued the Sealevel ACB-PCMCIA card and replaced it by Advanced Relay's PXSu device. Please check the Press Release.

PXSu rpalces ACB card

Alcatel's WinBSC software uses our LayGO® toolkit to access and control Alcatel Base Station Controllers. All the LayGO® software components are bundled with Alactel's Base Station Controller software.

The LayGO® toolkit has the following components:

  • Hardware:
    • A PXSu USB synchronous communications adaptor.
  • Software License for:
    • Windows XP/2K3/7 driver for the PXSu device.
    • Protocol Stack Dynamic Link Library with X.21bis physical layer support, LAPB link layer support and X.25 packet layer support.
    • API Dynamic Link Library for C, C++, Visual Basic, Java, C#, Perl.

Please download from Alcatel-Lucent the latest version of the WinBSC software supporting the PXSu. Make sure to install it before plugging in the PXSu.

If you have previously installed the ACB-PCMCIA card software, make sure to uninstall it before installing the PXSu software.

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