RPC in Windows NT

The native RPC implementation provided by Microsoft as a part of Windows NT is DCE-compatible and is supported by LayGO RPC. An exception is Microsoft's implementation of RPC Name Service in the Windows NT Locator. This incompatibility makes no difference in a Microsoft only network setup or when RPC Name Service is not used. However, to use RPC Name Service and interoperate with LayGO RPC for Solaris, DCE Cell Directory Service must be chosen as the RPC Name Sevice Provider for Windows NT.

LayGO RPC was developed with and has only been tested with Microsoft's implementation of RPC. LayGO RPC for Win32 is fully interoperable with LayGO RPC for Solaris as long as Transarc's DCE Cell Directory Service as the RPC Name Service is used instead of Microsoft's Windows NT Locator.

Configuring Windows NT to use DCE Cell Directory Service

Open the Network applet in the Control Panel and select Services → RPC Configuration → Properties. Under Name Service Provider, select DCE Cell Directory Service and enter the network address of the DCE Cell Directory Service under Network Address.