The pytdrv Test Program

pytdrv is the Python 1.5 version of the Tdrv test program. See Testing with Tdrv for details on pytdrv's features and operation.

pytdrv uses the Tkinter (Tk Interface) and Pmw (Python megawidgets) packages to provide a windowed interface identical to the other Tdrv programs. Pmw is available from the Pmw Home Page. Details on getting Tkinter are avilable at the official Python website.

pytdrv is distributed as a Python 1.5 program consisting of the following files:

pytdrv Program Files pytdrv entry point. Background server process entry point. Hex format and conversion routines. Resource file. Statstics formatting routines. Status Report formatting routines. Test data frame handling routines. Verified transmission (Vtx) frame handling routines.

The pytdrv project uses the Laygopy, Laygo X21bis packages.

To start the program, enter:

python [.cfg files]

For instance, to start pytdrv using the Hardware Emulation driver in loopback mode, enter:

python stack6.cfg x21loop.cfg