X.25 Portal Server - xportal

The xportal program is a generic X.25 portal server for the LayGO PXS. xportal accepts connection via TCP/IP from clients wishing to access an X.25 PVC or SVC, handling all the deatils of the X.25 session internally. Clients interact with xportal using a simple API implementing a "packetizing" protocol to map between the stream based semantics of TCP/IP and the packet based semantics of X.25.

xportal Network Deployment
xportal Network Deployment

The xportal server listens for client connections on TCP port 49167. The port number can be changed by setting the XPORTALPORT environment variable on the PXS using the RedBoot environment command. For instance, to configure xportal to listen on TCP port 49999:

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RedBoot> env
Application environment: <none>
RedBoot> env XPORTALPORT=49999
Application environment: XPORTALPORT=49999