Synchronous Tunnel - synctunnel

The LayGO PXS Synchronous Tunnel server, synctunnel, lets remote clients read and write data directly to the PXS synchronous communication ports via TCP/IP. Clients interact with synctunnel using a simple API implementing a framing protocol to map between the stream based semantics of TCP/IP and the frame-based semantics of synchronous communications.

Using synctunnel to access a leagcy system
Using synctunnel to Access a Leagcy System

The synctunnel server listens for client connections on TCP port 49171 for line 0 and on on port 49172 for line 1. These port numbers can be changed by setting the SYNCTUNNELPORT environment variable on the PXS to the desired port for line 0. (Line 1 uses always [port for line 0] + 1.) Use the RedBoot environment command to make this change. For instance, to configure synctunnel to listen on TCP ports 49999 and 50000:

Advanced Relay Corporation
LayGO PXS - Protocol eXchange Server
LayGO PXS Boot Version 3.20

RedBoot(tm) Debug Environment - Built 17:33:51, Sep 13 2004
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RedBoot> env
Application environment: <none>
RedBoot> env SYNCTUNNELPORT=49999
Application environment: SYNCTUNNELPORT=49999