Configuring IP Hosts

If the PXS acting as the only router for the subnet, hosts in the subnet can be configured so that their default gateway is the IP address of the PXS. (If the subnet has a DCHP server, it is a good idea to configure that server to provide the default gateway parameter to all the hosts. Consult your DHCP server manual for instructions. If the network subnet does not have a DHCP server, you will have to manually configure each host in the subnet.)

If the PXS is not the only router for the subnet (or there are multiple PXSs), static routes will need to be added to the routing tables to show that each PXS is the gateway for the subnet(s) it serves. Exactly how this is done depends on how routing is done in the subnet.

For instance, suppose that the PXS with IP address is a gateway to the network. To add a permanent route to a host using the Windows route utility, you would enter:

route -p add mask

To do the same thing in Linux, you would add the following line to /etc/sysconfig/static-routes:

eth0 net netmask gw

(This assumes that subnet is directly reachable using interface eth0.)