Configuring pxsekg

The PXS Heartbeat Monitor program, pxsekg, has no command line options. The command line is reserved for the options required by the application being monitored. However, 3 parameters can be set using the program environment:


  The timeout in seconds for the heartbeat monitor to expect heartbeats
  from the heartbeat client.
  Range:   30-3600 seconds
  Default: 50 seconds


  The timeout in seconds for the heartbeat client to send heartbeats to the
  the heartbeat monitor.
  Range:   20-1800 seconds
  Default: 30 seconds


  The number of consecutive missed hearbeats which will cause the
  heartbeat monitor to fail over to run the application.
  Range:   1-20
  Default: 5

The value of PXSMONITOR must be strictly greater than the value of PXSHEARTBEAT. With the default values, the monitor will fail over appoximately 5 minutes after the primary stops heartbeating.