Configuring pxsdlmtap

The PXS DLM tap application is pxsdlmtap. It should be already loaded in the PXS flash memory and defined as default application. See "Updating Software" in the LayGO PXS - Protocol eXchange Server manual if you need to download pxsdlmtap to the PXS and use the RedBoot default command if necessary.

Command Line Options

pxsdlmtap supports the following command line options. These may be set using the RedBoot options command.


  Do not autostart the tap. The tap will be started maually using
  the PXS DLM tap control application.
  Default: Autostart the tap

[-f <cfg file>]

  Configuration file giving hardware configuration.
  Default: pxsdlmtap.cfg

[-i <interface type>]

  Physical interface of the line being monitored.
    0  RS-232
    1  EIA-530 or X.21
    2  V-35
  Default: 0 (RS-232)

[-p <password>]

  Security password used for client validation.
  Default: dlmpassword


  Do not run the DLM server in the PXS.
  Default: Run the DLM server in the PXS

  Note: If the server is not running in the PXS, the DLMHOST environment
        variable is used to find the IP address of the machine running
        the DLM server.  Use the RedBoot environment command to set