LayGO Data Line Monitor

The PXS can be configured as a data line monitor. In this application, the PXS is used as a hardware tap to monitor, diagnose and discover protocols on any synchronous line. This application is based on the LayGO DLM software which has been ported to run under eCos.

The PXS uses both synchronous ports to tap the monitored line: Port 0 monitors the DTE side while Port 1 monitors the DCE side. The PXS runs a tap program that continually reads from the two ports and sends data and signal events to a DLM server (which normally also runs inside the PXS). Any DLM monitor application can connect to the server and receive the DLM event stream.

Using the PXS as a Data Line Monitor
Using the PXS as a Data Line Monitor

To use the PXS as a hardware tap for data line monitoring you will need:

There are three versions of the Y-1 cable, depending on the physical interface of the line to be tapped:

There is only one version of the Y-2 cable which connects to the PXS, P/N CBL-PXS-2X26/25.