Capturing Data

wxpxsdlmtap is a control program for the PXS DLM tap module. You need the host name and IP address of the PXS running the DLM tap application to use wxpxsdlmtap. You can find or set these values using the RedBoot host and ip commands.

The host name and IP address can be entered either on the command line when starting wxpxsdlmtap or by selecting the File → New PXS... option from the menu.

Command Line Options

[-a <IP address>]

  IP address of PXS.

[-n <PXS host name>]

  Host name of the PXS.

For instance, to start the program, you can enter:

C:\> wxpxsdlmtap -n pxsdlmtap -a

Once the program starts and communication is established with the PXS, the following window is displayed:

wxpxsdlmtap showing the tap active
wxpxsdlmtap showing the tap active.

It shows the host name and the IP address of the currently controlled PXS. A green LED in the lower left corner indicates the tap is providing DLM events that can be read and processed by the monitor program. The type of physical interface configured is also shown.

Menu Options

Change the PXS tap being controlled
Change the physical interface.
Brief help and about dialogs.

Click the Stop button to stop the tap:

wxpxsdlmtap showing the tap inactive
wxpxsdlmtap showing the tap inactive.

The tap may be restarted by clicking the Start button.

Once the tap is active in the PXS, any DLM monitor application such as wxdlmmonitor can be used to capture data. See DLM Monitors in the LayGO DLM User's Guide.