BMC Polling

The PXS bmc application initiates primary polling automatically. However, there are 2 situations where manual intervention may be required. In both cases, the Application... options of the wxpxscontrol can be used to start the poll.

An immediate primary poll.
Selecting the Poll option starts an immediate primary poll.
A secondary poll.
Selecting the Repoll option queues a secondary poll. Multiple secondary polls may be queued. This option requires 2 parameters:
  1. The starting block sequence number.
  2. The number of blocks to repoll.

All primary poll files are named P-NNNNNNNN-YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.gps and all secondary poll files are named S-NNNNNNNN-YYYYMMDD-HHMMS.gps where NNNNNNNN is the sequence number of the first data block in the file.

Normally, neither of these manual actions change the time of the next scheduled primary poll. However, the next scheduled poll may be delayed until the manual poll action is completed or may be rescheduled if the manual poll delays the next scheduled poll.

Note: When a manual command is indicated as having been completed successfully, this mean that bmc has accepted the command, not that the requested poll has been successfully completed. To find out whether and when the poll completes successfully, you must consult the log file or the remote file server store.