Factory Reset

Sometimes the need arises to reset a PXSe unit to factory conditions, e.g. a unit was in the field, its IP parameters were changed and are not known, so there's no access to rerconfigure or debug it.

PXSe units starting with S/N 65676 have a Factory Reset facility that is activated by the following procedure:

Once the avobe procedure is completed, the PXSe is set to "Factory Defaults":

PXS Configuration:
Serial Number:    <Serial_number>
Model:            5002302
Revision:         4
License:          <License>
Feature Set:      <Features>
Boot Major:       3
Boot Minor:       56
HDLC Major:       3
HDLC Minor:       47
HDLC Hybrid:      Bisync
MAC Address:      <MAC_Address>
Password:         <none>
File Start:       053D0000
Cfg Start:        053E0000
Telnet:           enabled
Telnet Timeout:   300
Boot Timeout:     0
DHCP:             disabled
Command line:     <none>
Environment:      <none>
Default App:      hdlcsrv
Logging:          disabled
Reliable:         disabled
Debug:            disabled
Agent:            disabled
Async:            disabled
Trap:             disabled
Web:              enabled
Control:          enabled
GDB:              disabled
Heartbeat:        disabled
Monitor:          disabled
Primary:          disabled
Auto:             disabled
Update:           disabled
Facility:         0
Community:        laygopxs
Contact:          <none>
Location:         <none>
Tag:              <none>
Script:           /cgi-bin/pxsautocfg.cgi

Static IP Configuration:
  IP Address:
  IP Netmask:
  IP Gateway:
  DNS Server:
  DNS Domain:     <none>
  Host Name:      pxs-<Serial_number>
  NTP Server:
  FTP Server:
  HTTP Server:
  Log Server:
  SMTP Server:
  SNMP Server:
  TFTP Server:
  Standby Server:
  Virutal IP:
  UTC Offset:     0

There are two very important things to note here:

It will be necessary to access the RedBoot prompt and change these two parameters to the appropriate value, i.e., the default application to the corresponding one (e.g. synctunnel) and the timeout value to probably 15 seconds (this is what we typically use).

In addition, the IP parameters will have to be set to the appropriate parameters according to the network where the PXSe is installed.