Default Configuration

Unless the PXS is shipped with a special configuration, the following are the default values.

Configuration Item Setting
Application Options <none>
Async disabled
Boot Timeout 15 seconds
Debug disabled
Default Application hdlcsrv
DHCP disabled
DNS Server
Domain Name <none>
Environment <none>
Freature Set 0
FTP Server
GDB Support disabled
Host Name <unique>
IP Address
IP Netmask
IP Gateway
License 00000000-00000000
Log Server
Logging disabled
MAC Address <unique>
NTP Server
Password <none>
PXS Control enabled
SMTP Server
SNMP Agent disabled
SNMP Community laygopxs
SNMP Contact <none>
SNMP Location <none>
SNMP Server
SNMP Traps disabled
Syslog Facility 0
Standby Heartbeat disabled
Standby Monitor disabled
Standby Primary disabled
Standby Server
Tag <none>
Telnet enabled
Telnet Timeout 300 seconds
TFTP Server
UTC Offset 0
Virtual IP
Web Server enabled