The LayGO PDK is distributed as a gzipped tar file which includes the C and C++ include files, static libraries and object files necessary to build eCos programs for the PXS. Also included are several test programs and makefiles. To install, simply extract the distribution file to a directory. For instance, to install the PDK in /opt:

mv laygopdk-3.10.tar.gz /opt
cd /opt
tar xzf laygopdk-3.10.tar.gz
ln -s laygopdk-3.10 laygopdk

Finally, if you want to use the PDK makefile system to build either the PDK test programs or your own programs, create an environment variable in your shell named PDKHOME containing the path to the PDK install directory. For the Bourne shell, place this line in your .bashrc file:

export PDKHOME=/opt/laygopdk

PDF documentation for the eCos operating system is located in the doc/ecos directory.

The arm-elf Toolchain

The GNU arm-elf toolchain is required to build programs using the PDK. Source and binary RPMs are located on the Advanced Relay web site. Typically, you will only need to install the following 3 binary RPMs:

  1. arm-elf-binutils-
  2. arm-elf-gcc-2.95.2-1.i386.rpm
  3. arm-elf-gdb-5.0-1.i386.rpm

Download the RPMs to /opt/laygopdk/tools/linux.

You need to be root to install the RPMs:

# su
# cd /opt/laygopdk/tools/linux
# rpm -v --install *.rpm
# exit

By defualt, the RPMs install the tools into /usr/local/bin. Make sure this directory is included in your PATH environment variable.

If you are using the Cygwin environment on Windows, the tools are packaged together in arm-elf-tools.tar.gz.

PDF documentation for the tools in the arm-elf toolchain is available for download in gnu-tools-doc.tar.gz.