Appendix A - Flash Memory Map

The PXS has 4 Mb of Flash memory organized into 64 pages of 64K each. The first 64K page can be written in 8K blocks. The remainder can be ritten only in 64K blocks. Flash memory is mapped into the processor's address space at 0x05000000-0x053FFFFF. The organization of Flash is shown below:

05000000-05001FFF   8K  Bootstrap loader
05002000-05003FFF   8K  Unused
05004000-05005FFF   8K  Unused
05006000-05007FFF   8K  Unused
05008000-05009FFF   8K  Unused
0500A000-0500BFFF   8K  Unused
0500C000-0500DFFF   8K  Unused
0500E000-0500FFFF   8K  Unused

05010000-0501FFFF  64K  RedBoot
05020000-0502FFFF  64K  RedBoot

05030000-0503FFFF  64K  FIS file area
        .               .
        .               .
        .               .
053C0000-053CFFFF  64K  FIS file area

053D0000-053DFFFF  64K  LayGO cfg file area
053E0000-053EFFFF  64K  PXS cfg data area
053F0000-053FFFFF  64K  FIS directory area

Writing or erasing any area that is not within the FIS file area may render the PXS inoperable. Writing or erasing the area in which RedBoot or the Bootstrap loader are stored is will render the PXS inoperable, and in that case, the PXS will have to be returned to Advanced Relay to be restored.