Stdrv Test Program

Stdrv is identical to Jtdrv except that it uses the Java Foundation Class (JFC) libraries collectively known as Swing in place of the Java Abstract Windowing Toolkit (AWT) libraries. In most cases, the difference involves replacing references to AWT components with references to JFC components. For instance, Label objects have been replaced by Swing JLabel objects. In addition, the user interface is updated asynchronously because the Swing libraries are not thread-safe.

There is no difference between Stdrv and Jtdrv in the LayGO API related code.

To start Stdrv, at the command prompt enter:

> java advancedrelay.stdrv.Stdrv stack6.cfg x21loop.cfg

See the Help → Using Stdrv... dialog for more information on Stdrv's command line options.