tlaygo Sample Program


tlaygo is an interactive test program for the LayGO protocol stack. It can be compiled as a 32-bit console mode program for Windows or as a command line program for Solaris or Linux.

tlaygo presents a simple menu-driven interface that allows the user to build devices, establish connections and send and receive data using most of the LayGO API core functions.

One tlaygo menu option allows the user to run a "script" file. A script file records a sequence of key strokes representing menu choices and other input the user might make at the tlaygo prompt. tlaygo reads from the script file as if it were reading input from the prompt. A script file can be used to "automate" a complex series of operations. The sample script provided shows how to build an X.25 major device and establish a connection on an X.25 permanent virtual circuit.

Command-line Arguments

Either -? or -h as the first command-line argument prints a usage message.

tlaygo takes any other arguments to be the names of stack configuration files.


tlaygo hardware.cfg x21src.cfg

tlaygo will configure the stack using the configuration files hardware.cfg and x21src.cfg. Configuration files are loaded in the order given on the command-line. In case of multiple files with conflicting configurations, configurations in files listed later on the command-line override those from files listed previously.

Source Code

C Source Code tlaygo.c
Linux Makefile makefile
Solaris Makefile makefile
Windows Makefile makefile