laygouid Sample Program


laygouid is a sample LayGO program designed to illustrate the use of the LayGO user id validation API. It can be compiled as a 32-bit console mode program for Windows or as a command line program for Solaris or Linux.

Based on the command-line arguments, the program attempts to validate the user id. The user id is assigned by Advanced Relay Corporation to uniquely identify a software licensee.

Command-line Arguments


laygouid <Stack Cfg file> <User Id (in hex)>

Either -? or -h as the first command-line argument prints a usage message.


laygouid stackb.cfg 1234ABCD

laygouid will configure the stack using the configuration file stackb.cfg, then attempt to validate the user id 1234ABCD.

Source Code

C Source Code laygouid.c
Linux Makefile makefile
Solaris Makefile makefile
Windows Makefile makefile