laygold Sample Program


laygold is a sample LayGO program designed to illustrate downloading driver modules into intelligent boards. It can be compiled as a 32-bit console mode program for Windows or as a command line program for Solaris or Linux.

Command-line Arguments

Either -? or -h as the first argument prints a usage message.

-f <cfg file>

  Configuration file giving hardware configuration for the load
  Default: hardware.cfg

-n <board number>

  Number of board in the configuration to load
  Default: 0

The last argument on the command-line is the name of the driver module
to load.
Default: ATC.DRV


laygold -f hardware.cfg -n 1 atce.drv

laygold will load the driver module atce.drv to board 1 using the hardware configuration from hardware.cfg.

Source Code

C Source Code laygold.c
Linux Makefile makefile
Solaris Makefile makefile
Windows Makefile makefile