The Device Database

The application can specify the name and location of the device database by calling dev_Initialize(). Otherwise, the default database will be used. The default device database is device.db located in the current directory. If that file does not exist, the file \laygo\config\device.db will be used unless the environment variable LAYGODEV specifies an alternate file.

The device database is a plain text file. Each line in the database contains one device definition. The format of a device definition is a device name followed by 1 or more service names:

<Device> <Service> [<Service>...]

Space and tabs separate the elements.

<Device> is the name that will be passed to dev_New() The limit is 32 characters, no white space. The names are case sensitive.

<Service> is a service named in the service database.

Device names may be the same as service names. For instance, an X.25 major device might be named "LittleRock" in the device database and X.25 SVC service on that device might be named "LittleRock" in the service database. The service and device name spaces are separate.

Lines with # in the first column are comment lines. Blank lines are ignored. Lines with [ are also ignored. This makes it possbile to add section names to the file using the syntax [Section Name].