C++ Classes

The LayGO C++ Wrapper consists of 10 C++ classes, implemented in 9 header files:

Class File Encapsulates
CLaygo CLaygo.h LayGO API functions.
CLaygoLib CLaygoLib.h Dynamic loading of LayGO API libraries.
CDataEvent CProtocolEvent.h Data received on a CID.
CProtocolDevice CProtocolDevice.h LayGO devices.
CProtocolEvent CProtocolEvent.h State changing events.
CProtocolService CProtocolService.h LayGO Connection Identifiers (LCids).
CProtocolServer CProtocolServer.h Access to the LayGO RPC server.
CProtocolStack CProtocolStack.h Supervisory access to the LayGO protocol stack.
CStatisticsTable CStatisticsTable.h LStatisticsTable structure.
CStatusReport CStatusReport.h LStatusReport structure.