Using wxedcfg

wxedcfg is a Windows program used to create and edit configuration files. It can be used in place of the edcfg command line utility.

Sample wxedcfg Window
Sample wxedcfg Window


wxedcfg [cfg file name]

If invoked with a cfg file name wxedcfg will open that file for editing. Otherwise it will start with a new (empty) configuration file.

To include a profile for a protocol in a configuration file, click the corresponding checkbox. The button with the protocol name will be enabled. Press the button to view the contents of a profile or to edit it.

To edit a value in a profile, click on the value field and an editor for the value will be displayed.

Menu Options

Clears all configuration profiles to start a new configuration file.
Displays an "Open File" dialog box to show and edit the contents of a configuration file.
Saves the current version of the configuration file.
Save as...
Displays a "Save File" dialog box to allow the user to save the current configuration file under a different name.
Displays an "Open File" dialog box to merge its contents with the current configuration data. Note that a configuration for a protocol in the just opened file, overwrites any configuration for the same protocol in the current file.
Edit PXS Address List...
Pack Files into PXS Cfg...
Extract Files from PXS Cfg...
These functions are related to the LayGO PXS product and are explained in the LayGO PXS User's Guide.
Page Setup...
Print Setup...
Print Preview...
These are the normal print options. You use them to obtain printouts of the current configuration file.
Copy Profile
Copies the configuration profile being displayed to the clipboard
Paste Profile
Paste the configuration profile on the clipboard to the file being edited. Note that it overwrites the data if the profile already existed.
These two options are intended to copy a profile from a configuration file to another one.
Brief help and about dialogs.