SDLC Hardware

The SDLC hardware configuration gives the LayGO software details of the physical characteristics of the host system and installed communication hardware.

The following configuration parameters apply to the system as a whole:

Parameter Explanation
Board count Number of boards installed: 1 - 4.
Use host DMA channel for transmitting?
Use host DMA channel for receiving?
Use or do not use the host PC's DMA channels for transmission and reception. If either is false, DMA will not be used. If both are true, DMA channels 1 and 3 will be allocated.

The following configuration parameters apply to each installed board:

Parameter Explanation
Type of board Type of board installed.
1 Reserved
2 Digi SYNC/570i
3 GMM Sync+/MP
4 Sealevel ACB-II/EX
5 Atcomm2 or ATcomm4
6 Hardware Emulator
7 Sealevel ACB-PCMCIA
8 Quatech MPAP-100
10 SDL WANic 405
11 Emulex Xp-Series
12 Reserved
13 Reserved
15 Reserved
Chip type Type of communication chip.
0 SCC 8530
1 SCC 85C30
2 SCC 85230
4 SCC 85233
5 Cirrus CD2400
6 Motorola 5572
IRQ number IRQ used by the board.
Line count Number of lines to use, 1 - 8
IO Base Address IO base address.
Dual-ported RAM Address Segment address of dual-ported RAM, if any.
Dual-ported RAM size in kilobytes Size of the dual-ported RAM area, if any, in kilobytes.
Clock frequency Clock frequency of the on-board quartz chip.
Memory-mapped IO base address Memory-mapped IO base address, if any.
Memory-mapped IO size in kilobytes Size of the memory-mapped IO area, if any, in kilobytes.
Line protocol The physical line protocol:
0 SDLC framing with 0x7E flags, bit-stuffing and 2-byte CRC
1 Reserved
2 Reserved
3 Bisync framing with SYN characters and 2-byte BCC

Warning: These parameters are critical to the correct operation of the communication hardware. Incorrect values may cause unpredicatble system behavior including system hangs and system crashes. Resolve any question about the correct values for your hardware by contacting technical support at Advanced Relay Corporation.