Creating Xcl Files


> edcall -c <filename>

For each call setup item, you will be presented with a brief description of the item followed by its default value in parentheses. For instance:

Transmit window size (0) :

To accept the value in parentheses, press <Enter>.

To change it, type a new value and press <Enter>.

A value of 0 (or the empty string in the case of string data) means that the item will not be included in the packet.

At present, edcall encodes only standard (non-TOA/NPI) addresses.

After input of address and facilities, edcall prompts for input of optional user data. edcall expects a space delimited sequence of hexidecimal values. For example: 01 02 0D 0A.

After all data has been input, edcall will attempt to encode the packet. Only if encoding is successful will the packet be written to disk. At this time, edcall does minimal error checking on most input values. Only called and calling addresses, packet sizes and window sizes are fully checked.

Numeric values may be entered in decimal or hexadecimal. Precede hexadecimal values by 0x. For example, 16 in hexadecimal would be entered as 0x10. User data is always entered in hexadecimal. It is not necessary to precede each byte with 0x or a leading 0. For example, to encode the four bytes 0x01 0x02 0x0D 0x0A, you can enter:

Enter user data as space separated hex bytes:

1 2 d a