Merging Cfg Files


> edcfg -m <merge file> <file> [<file> ...]

Several configuration files may be merged into a single file using the -m option. The files are read in the order in which the file names appear on the command-line. A configuration for a protocol in a file overwrites any configuration for the same protocol in a file placed before it on the command-line. For example:

> edcfg -m new.cfg file1.cfg file2.cfg

If file1.cfg contains an X.21 bis and HDLC LAPB profiles and file2.cfg contains an HDLC LAPB profile, then new.cfg will contain the X.21 bis profile from file1.cfg and the HDLC LAPB profile from file2.cfg.

The output file name may be the same as one of the input files. For example:

> edcfg -m file1.cfg file1.cfg file2.cfg

merges the configurations from file1.cfg and file2.cfg into file1.cfg.