Creating Cfg Files


> edcfg -c [filename]

For each configuration profile type, edcfg asks:

Include configuration for '<profile type>'? (y/N) :

The default is shown in upper case, in this case, N for No. Enter y or Y to include the specified configuration.

If you choose to include a particular configuration profile, you will be presented with a brief description of each item followed by its default value in parentheses. For instance,

Send window size (2) :

To accept the value in parentheses, press <Enter>.

To change it, type a new value and press <Enter>.

Values may be entered in decimal or hexadecimal. Precede hexadecimal values by 0x. For example, 16 in hexadecimal would be entered as 0x10.

If the description ends with a question mark, the item is a true/false value. Any non-zero entry will be interpreted as true; zero will be interpreted as false. Alternatively, the strings true and false can be entered.

Timer values are in milliseconds (1/1000 of a second). Enter a value of 0 to disable the timer.