Managing Protocol Services



Stack one protocol service on top of another.

#include "laygo.h"

LResult lgo_Push
        LCid    stackTop,
        LCid    newTop
stackTopconnection currently on top of the stack
newTopconnection to be placed on top of the stack

lgo_Push() stacks one connection on another or one connection on a stack of others. The connections must both be in the open state to push them. This is the mechanism by which layered protocols such as X.25 are created. First the individual layers are opened and then they are arranged in the proper order using lgo_Push().

Return Values

If successful, lgo_Push() returns a non-negative value. Otherwise, it returns a negative value indicating the reason it failed. Possible unsuccessful return values are:

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LCid    physicalLayer;
LCid    linkLayer;

/* Open the physical layer */
if ((physicalLayer = lgo_Open("X21_0")) < 0)
    return (FAILURE);

/* Open the link layer */
if ((linkLayer = lgo_Open("LAPB_0")) < 0)
    return (FAILURE);

/* Push the link layer onto the physical */
lgo_Push(physicalLayer, linkLayer);