Intelligent Card Support

Get Hardware Id


Retrieve the hardware identifier of a given driver.

#include "laygo.h"

LResult lgo_GetHardwareId
        LDriverId    driver
driverid of driver to query

lgo_GetHardwareId() retrieves the hardware identifier of a given driver. This enables an application to determine if a driver controls an intelligent board which requires downloading a driver module. This function should be called with a LDriverId parameter in the range 0 to N-1 where N is the number of drivers for which the stack is configured.

Return Values

If successful, lgo_GetHardwareId() returns a non-negative value indicating the type of hardware controlled by the driver. Otherwise, it returns a negative value indicating the reason it failed. Possible unsuccessful return values are:

See Also


LHardwareId    hwId;

if ((hwId = lgo_GetHardwareId(0)) < 0)
    return (FAILURE);