LayGO® Documentation Roadmap

The LayGO® documentation set covers a wide range of interrelated components. Use the following chart to find what sections you should read and in what order. You may click on the names to be linked to the respective manual.

Documentation Roadmap

For instance, if you are a PXS end user, you should start by reading the LayGO® PXS - Protocol eXchange Server. This manual contains information useful for any PXS user.

Your next stop should be the LayGO® PXS User's Manual. You should spend some time in the introductory sections. They explain how to configure a LayGO ® application and how to download that configuration to the PXS.

This manual describes several applications. After the introduction you should review the section specific to the application you will be using (IP Tunnel, Gateway, Data Line Monitor, etc.)

LayGO Device Library LayGO API Manual LayGO Configuration Manual LayGO User Manual LayGO Hardware Guide LayGO Installation Guide LayGO PXS User's Guide LayGO PXS Developer's Guide LayGO PXS User's Guide LayGO PXS Installation Guide