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Converting X.25, HDLC LAPB or Bisync to TCP/IP

Advanced Relay develops products and solutions to exchange synchronous interfaces (RS-232/422, V.35) for Ethernet and synchronous protocols (X.25, LAPB, LAPD, RDIF, HDLC or BSC) for TCP/IP. Higher layer file transfer protocols for telecom phone switches, such as FTAM, AFT, XFER or AMATPS are replaced with FTP or SFTP.

The primary reasons for converting X.25 to TCP/IP are:

  • Mounting maintenance costs for X.25 connections and equipment
  • No documentation or onsite know-how about X.25 and equipment
  • High costs and low speed or discontinuance of X.25 networks
  • Internet connections are faster, cheaper, already available or easy to get

Recommendation: PXSe gateway at legacy system exchanging X.25 for TCP/IP

Recommended PXSe Solution

XOT is outdated; it continues using the X.25 protocol, albeit over TCP/IP

Outdated XOT Solution
Supported Operating Systems
Supported Operating Systems: Window, Solaris, Linux, eCos
LayGO Data Line Monitor
Data Line Monitor Tap
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